Saturday, February 02, 2008

Turf Wars

The neighbors are trying to fight Mother Nature again.

Two hundred miserable geese are huddled on the ice in the center of the pond. Most stand on one leg with the other tucked up under a wing. Periodically, they switch. Their long, graceful necks are curled and foreshortened. They walk like timid old men.

The neighborhood goose haters have added weapons to their arsenal. Every few minutes, someone shatters the quiet of this frosty morning with the blast of an air horn.

The geese scurry and scatter across the ice, each time, but so far I haven't seen a single one leave. They do, however, sqwak for several minutes after each blast.

Boys, boys. boys. Isn't one unwinnable war enough?


Jess said...

Those boys and their damn wars.

Poor geese and poor you, having to put up with that annoying horn...

Will you take a picture of the geese in the middle of the pond for us? :)

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Is there ANY "war" that is "winnable?"

Men. I'll never understand 'em.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... may soon be time to call in a noise complaint against those silly agressive boys... Air horns every few minutes!?!

kario said...

Seems ironic that they are more tolerant of the noise they're making than the silent geese.

I hope they get over it soon and go back to having pissing matches with each other instead of the geese.

Suzy said...

I hope the geese fly over and poop on their heads.

Love you.


Michelle O'Neil said...