Monday, February 12, 2007

Truth Wins in the End

Missed the Grammys in my work-induced haze over here. But heard the good news and cheered my girls, The Dixie Chicks.

Katie's first concert was the Dixie Chicks (I took her and several friends as her 15th birthday gift) and their music played in our car as we traveled to endless soccer tournaments. They were first among the few groups whose music we both wanted to hear. We shouted out the sunroof to Cowboy Take Me Away more times than I'd like to remember, given what other motorists must have thought.

WooooHooo. Truth wins in the end. So does standing by what you believe.

Gotta LOVE the Chicks!


Amber said...

I also love The Chicks. But I didn't love this album.*cringe* I don't know...It wasn't the same sound i love. But I am happy for them.


JessPDX said...

I didn't love this album as much either, but I do love them, saw them in November, and think this is great news. (Maybe if they'd do some more Patty Griffin songs....)