Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All Amped Up

As you'll see if you read my post from earlier this afternoon, I have questions and concerns about the way my kids grew up. Katie just called and at this moment—despite everything—it seems they learned some very good things from the way we were.

My darling almost-20-year-old daughter fixed the heater in her car this afternoon. By herself. The heater suddenly stopped working (a critical issue in Minnesota in February) on Sunday. She checked with our old next-door-neighbor, who's a mechanic. He told her the problem was likely to be a fuse.

Then that dynamic little thing checked her owner's manual, drove to an auto parts store, got the right fuse, and installed the damn thing. Now she's got heat. And a happy, grateful mother.

Who just got a big reminder that life's always unfolding as it should? Who couldn't be prouder of her little DIY girl? Who's proud as hell of the example she set?

Yep. You bet your pretty little tool bucket. That would be me.


Ziji Wangmo said...

Wow - she the bomb! I am so impressed that she fixed her heater!
But then again, she's had a great teacher!

Amber said...

Life is funny. We get our blessings.


magicaldamselfly said...

Now this is a girl after my own heart. I'm happy to hear that she took control and took care of her as it is freezing here in MN as I write this it is -4 without the wind chill.
When I got my daughter her first car at the tender age of 16 she was so excited to go show it off to her friends but we had business to attend to first. I made her take off one tire and put her spare little tire on then take it back off and put it and her tools away. I then made her check her wiper fluid level and also her oil as well as showing her the fuse box and anything else I could think of to show her. I'm proud to say she can take care of her own without the assistance of a man which drives her husband insane,,,lol.
Great job raising her Jerri, great job.


Mystic Wing said...

Being fortunate enough to know Katie in person, I find nothing in the least bit surprising about this display of ingenuity.

And who's to say that her own life circumstances didn't contribute to the fine young woman she is?

You might consider this the next time you feel any regrets over Katie's family circumstances back in the wusband days.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Good for her!

Cause she's a woooooman


Prema said...

That gives me the kick in the butt to deal with my flat tire! Go girls!

Kim G. said...

That's your girl and she's that way no doubt because of your strength and love. I really appreciated your last few posts and the honesty in them. I think I agree with another who commented that it's much better to admit to the fact that we can still be hurt and angry with the actions of an individual but still feel compassion for their situation. I don't believe it's being wishy-washy at all to pray for his "highest good". Perhaps this trial in his life is designed to teach him something very specific. You are a great example of grace in this situation - thanks for sharing it.

holly said...

Who SHOULD be proud as hell? Good for both of you ... the apple doesn't fall far!

I was proud of me for just lighting the pilot on my heater!