Friday, February 09, 2007

Both Sides Now

I did not get the commercial.

Got the disappointing news yesterday afternoon. Called B and made arrangements to meet at our favorite coffee shop to work together. We sat at separate tables, each writing our own book, each comforted by the other's presence. When the time came, we retreated to her house to watch Oprah talk about The Secret. (Thanks for alerting us, Michelle)

Ziji sent me an e-mail last night. She tried to change a light bulb and the darn thing broke in her hands, leaving her with the metal part stuck in the socket. I shot off a note about how to get it off and got a sweet note in return.

Today I'm starting a Fat Flush with the advice and guidance of the amazing Prema.

Reread one of Amber's posts and called my daughter to talk about what home means and exactly what her experience of home had been, given the back-and-forth nature of her growing up in two households. We had a wonderful, important conversation and I'm grateful that Amber inspired it.

Once again, I'm overwhelmed by the power of a circle of loving people. (Almost wrote women but can't leave out my dear friend Mystic Wing)

So, here I sit, alone in my house right now but connected to the larger world in Spirit, in cyberspace, in the genuine love of friends. Now that's a piece of Grace.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Sorry about the commercial. You obviously don't want to work for people with such poor judgement.



Amber said...

Aww! I bet whoever they picked is not HALF as pretty as you. Pft! They must know somebody... ;)

Next time!

((YOU)) for everything.


Prema said...

Love that you went to the coffee house to work with your lovely friend. And then return to the larger neighborhood...we're like the best kind of block to live on, our blog circle!

And about the commercial - your time and energy are being reserved for more important endeavors. Other art awaits...

Terry Whitaker said...

What a terrific peice!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Ditto everyone!