Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Pin Duck Goes It Alone

Whole lot of quiet going on here lately, I know. Everything's fine, I've just been deep into work and lost in reflection a lot.

Pink Boots Guy came to visit. I called him Sunday and was stunned to hear he was in Iowa, on his way to me. He stayed less than 24 hours. We had the talk I've been dreading for so long, the one where I tell him I don't love him the way I should (and I really, really should). The one where I tell him we both need to move on with our lives, where I truly wish him every happiness.

He was his usual gracious self.

Sometime Monday afternoon I noticed that Marvin has gone MIA. When the flock leaves the pond, the pin duck floats alone in the small space of open water, right next to the edge of the ice, or on the bank, but Marvin is nowhere in sight. Now, Thursday am, there's still no sign of him.

I hope he's all right. He can't fly, you know, so where could he have gone? It's a mystery.

As for me, I'm right here, living mostly in my head. Thinking and writing and getting ready to go to Portland for the Grand Adventure of a writing workshop with Jennifer Lauck and the Circle of Amazing Women. First thing tomorrow, I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane and I can't wait.

Updates as available.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

And we're ready and excited to receive you! I'm getting your room made up right now!


Michelle O'Neil said...

Have a great time Jerri!

Remiman said...

Bon voyage ma cher amie.

Prema said...

Can't wait to see you! Yea.

holly said...

can't watt to see you. In just hours now.

Terri /Tinker said...

Hope all is well with Marvin...sending good thoughts his - and your - way...