Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Not That Kind of Girl, Part 4

She rarely washes her hair and never cuts it. Her dresses are long and shapeless. Her voice is meek. Norah moves through the hallways like an apparition—a presence you sense more than you see or hear it.

Norah's rare contributions in class are filled with references to the Bible, especially Revelations. Her snake-handling, Bible-thumping, fire-breathing preacher father taught her it will be her responsibility to cut off the heads of evil-doers with the sword of righteousness at Armegeddon.

I think she's looking forward to it.

Like two of her sisters before her, Norah will drop out of school when the baby shows too much. So far, Mr. Decker and Mrs. Robertson have been able to ignore the swelling under the gathered cotton, but it won't be long before they're forced to acknowledge what we all know.

If Norah's father is right, if the Day of Reckoning is coming soon, he better duck and god-damn cover. A lot of swords are going to be aimed at his neck. First.

I am not that kind of girl.


Mystic Wing said...

This is great on lots of levels. Great descriptions, with sinister undertones that really grip my interest.

Cool stuff.

Kim Meisner said...

This is amazing. Great build-up, and you do a terrific job of conveying very strong emotions but with a few, perfectly chosen words, nothing extra.

I Am Not That Kind of Girl might make a great title?

Prema said...

Would love to know how the scenes are coming to you. Let us know when you come up for air. As I read I'm also seeing her, you back then, and wishing I could swoop down and have a conversation with her.

Catbird Scout said...

So many girls to not be like. You paint them so vividly. Norah gives me goose bumps. She could be a story by herself. I want to help with bringing her father to justice! How are you doing?



grammer said...

Jerri, I'm enjoying this series, and like Prema, I wonder how the scenes are coming to you. Powerful imagery. Such darkness here. Onward! xo

kario said...

You go, girl! I love knowing that there is some special way you're painting the kind of girl you are and I'm starting to see it...

Monica Holloway said...

I love the "Not That Kind of Girl" writings. Each one has its own life but they are linked for sure. I'm fascinated with the place where you grew up. So many young, young girls being sacrificed.