Friday, February 23, 2007

Feeling Groovy

Sitting here in the Denver airport, on my way to Portland and a reunion with the CAW. Feel like a child under a Christmas tree—all eager anticipation and happy thoughts.

Still doing laundry for the trip at midnight last night, I suddenly noticed the dryer was silent. With two loads left to finish, it had conked out. Totally. The breaker was fine, the light went on and off when I pushed the door switch so clearly it was getting juice, but the silly thing could not be prompted or babied into drying action of any sort on any cycle.

No worries, I thought. I'll finish the wash, hang it, and throw it in the dryer in the morning. Surely it will work in the morning.

This morning I threw the most necessary pieces into the dryer and pushed the button with every expectation it would leap into action, and it did. My clothes dried in plenty of time and I threw them in the suitcase on the way out the door.

A series of small delays put me into the KC airport a few minutes behind schedule, then I mindlessly parked in my usual area, completely forgetting that Frontier is on the complete opposite side of the airport. Dragged both suitcases, my briefcase and my purse through the concourse, laughing all the way, even when my duffel fell off my rolling bag for the nth time or my belt fell onto the floor. Made it to the gate with a minute to spare before they closed baggage check-in, went through the silliness of the security screening hopping along after pulling off my most awkward pair of boots, and losing my boarding pass and driver's license in the process. (They turned up in their assigned pocket in my purse. Who'd have thought to look where they actually belong?)

Now I'm in Denver waiting for the plane to PDX. While walking down the concourse a few minutes ago on a coffee search, an enormous wave of abundance flooded my whole body. None of the tiny irritations of the morning troubled me one bit, even when they were happening. I'm on my way to one of my absolute favorite towns to spend time with some of my absolute favorite humans. What could be better?


Prema said...

Hey, girl. I'm at the Oakland airport. Yea - WiFi. I, too, was doing laundry at midnight last night. Just made it out the door this morning with little sleep. But, hey, who cares, right? Giddy. See you soon!

Terry Whitaker said...

I'll sure miss you all--only wishing I was losing my boarding pass and license on my way to PDX

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Love that the dryer "self-fixed" and your attitude that it would!

Stacy said...

Jerri, there's a noise in my car's engine, can you will it to go away?
BTW, it seems you are experiencing some very dangerous symptoms of inner peace. "A loss of ability to worry" and "Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation."