Monday, September 28, 2009

The Adventure Continues

Friday night turned into a real adventure. The B&B where we had reservations had double booked somehow, and someone else was lounging in the rooms we expected to enjoy. Quick thinking on Liz's part turned up another option, which was pretty much a miracle on a Saturday night in a town of 280. We ended up in a 150-year-old log cabin down near the river.

Our game for the night, Magical Mystery Tour, was based on CandyLand. Meghan and I had glued pictures of the Beatles' faces onto the game pieces and decoupaged theme-based pictures onto the game board. We served Strawberry Fields shortcake and awarded a prize to the winner: a Valentine, a birthday greeting and a bottle of wine. Our drinks were called Yellow Submarines, basically yellow margaritas with blue salt on the rims of the glasses and periscopes (bendy straws).

On Saturday, we hit the challenges that make a trip like this an adventure. First, the skies opened up and we found ourselves riding in a rainstorm. We'd been assured the winery we wanted to visit was "right on the trail," but that turned out to be a loose interpretation. We had to push our bikes 1000 feet up an incredibly muddy hill to get there. Both Deb and Jim fell pretty hard with their bikes. Meghan sobbed the whole way. Brendan and Liz and I took our bikes up and went back down to get the other bikes. No one got seriously hurt, and we could get into our next B&B early, so it was all good. We dried off and changed clothes and the adventure continued.

After a lovely dinner in an art gallery/cottage restaurant, we returned to our B&B. Brendan and Liz made the rest of us go into our rooms and wait. After a few minutes, Brendan began shouting, "Help! She's killing me! Help!" We burst into the kitchen to find Brendan, shirtless on the floor. He had chocolate smeared around his mouth and running down his naked chest. Liz stood over him, pantomiming stabbing him with a large knife dripping with chocolate syrup. After two or three seconds, Brendan jumped up and yelled, "Death by Chocolate!"

Our game for the evening was Chocolate-opoly. They served chocolate martinis and plates filled with hand-made chocolates. It was hilariously wonderful.

All in all, our adventure was a complete success. Several of us acquired bumps and bruises but no serious injuries. We drank good wine and ate great food. We laughed. And laughed. And laughed.


Deb Shucka said...

I love these theme parties you're having. I love how much fun you're having - bumps and all. What a great way to be living your life.

Mercurious said...

Sounds like an enormous amount of fun. Ride safely, especially if it it's raining.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Ditto Deb! And not enough can be made of all that laughter!

Amber said...

Sounds like fun, (other than the falls!). Silly time is good.