Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting Juggy with It

The morning after my calendar freak out, Katie calls before heading out to take a big test. She's been studying practically non-stop for this thing, and she's frantic.

"Sweetie, you've worked very hard, done everything you can. Now you have to trust yourself and let go," I say. "If you're freaked, you can't find the right answers even when they're right there in your head."

A weird thing happens: I hear my own voice echoing inside my head, kind of like an auditory mirror. "…done everything. . .trust yourself. . .let go. . . ."

Which do you want to be, Jerri? The pot or the kettle?

When the test should be over, I call to tell Katie I transferred a little money to her account so she and and her boyfriend can treat themselves to a night out.

She's standing in front of a puppy display, a Jack Russell/Pug mix called a Jug. (Sensing her distress, Craig picked her up after class and took her to a pet store, her favorite medicine.) We trade smart-mouthed comments.

You have to get two. Then you can say, "My jugs are perky today."

Or, "My jugs are just out of control."

Or, "My jugs are really getting big."

Vintage Mom and Katie silliness. Throughout the evening she calls half-a-dozen more times:
. . . to tell me where they went to dinner and what they ate.
. . . to tell me what movie they saw.
. . ask what I thought of Taylor Swift's performance at the CMA awards.
. . . to say she loves Carrie Underwood but hates the black dress.

We laugh over something or another (My jugs bounce when we run.) every time.

Letting go was an excellent suggestion.


Doubting Thomas said...

Vintage Jerri and Katie, to be sure.

Remember these events when the fear bugs come calling.

kario said...

Man, I hope to have that kind of relationship with even one of my girls when they grow up.

You are an absolute treasure!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

You have nothing to worry about - that girl isn't "going" anywhere - she loves you. Period.

Go Mama said...

...sending you love Jerri.

It's hard to trust...but that's just the sticky thing about it. We don't really learn to trust until the very thing we treasure most is in question. Then that trust test is staring us in the face.

Trust yourself, J. Trust Katie. Trust the universal wisdom handing you this experience.

You're doing fine! More than fine.

luckyzmom said...

I knew you knew what to do, woo, woo!

Deb said...

So glad you got this gift - one that's always been there, and always will be in one form or another.

So glad you heard your own words.

So glad you're you.

Michelle O'Neil said...

So funny.

Amber said...

These last two posts made me smile at how sweet you are. Nice, like my Aunt Dene-- whom I love SO MUCH, btw. (she is like a mom to me. a nice, sane mom...)

I always make her laugh with my salty mouth. ;)

oxoxo happy you are laughing, friend.