Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mars and Venus (and Arkansas)

The differences between men and women are clearly illustrated by the drama playing out in our lives. You know how emotional Katie and N and I have been. The men involved? Not so much.

Katie told her dad she'd found her birth mother. He said, "That's nice. How tall is she?"

N couldn't reach her mother the afternoon the agency first called to let her know Katie wanted contact. She finally got through to her dad. Her father said, "Well that's nice, Honey. I'm happy for you. I'll tell your mom you called."

Katie reports that her first conversation with her birth father went something like this: "I always hoped we meet some day. But you know, only when you're cool with it. I live near a lake and I work at. . .OMG! Two ducks are mating out on the lake! Wow, I've never seen that before! Oh, yeah. Where were we. . .N is a great lady. You'll like her."

Nothing wrong with the men's reactions. They're just different. Maybe our heightened emotional reactions push them into more neutral roles. If everyone was as cranked up as I've been, we'd spin right off the planet.

Yesterday I made a list of stories surrounding this. One is about the day Katie mailed the letter to her birth mother. It wasn't until I started reviewing my notes that I realized it was the same day I ended up alone in the scary B&B in Arkansas.

At 3:00 in the afternoon I asked Katie, "What are you afraid of, Honey?" as she stood at a mailbox sobbing.

At 9:00 that night I asked myself the exact same question, alone in a hundred-year-old house in a dying town in the middle of nowhere.

The Universe is handing me one hell of a story. I'm trying SO DAMN HARD to rise to the occasion. I'll post this one as soon as I get it finished. It's a doozy. I hope I can do it justice.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

You'll do it justice - I'm certain of it. When the Universe hands you something, it's nearly impossible to f%ck up!

BTW, "HOW TALL IS SHE????" Key-rist!

kario said...

Thank goodness for the yin and yang. Just when I think Bubba doesn't "get it," he blows me away with some insight. (Usually, though, it doesn't have anything to do with mating ducks.)

Can't wait to hear how the story manifests itself.

Michelle O'Neil said...


Deb said...

You don't have to try so hard, dear friend. You are all that's right and all you need to be. Everything.

Stacy said...

as if there wasn't enough high drama, you have to celebrate in Norman Bate's house? Sheesh.