Sunday, September 23, 2007

Strange Sensation

Had the strangest dream last night. There were many images and parts to the "story," but one thread ran throughout it all. The left side of my face periodically contorted in an exaggerated grimace that was totally out of my control. Kind of like a charley horse, but in my face.

In the dream I was aware of this and concerned by it. I even commented that it had happened once before. Oddly, I had a similar dream last week.

The contortion felt as though a wire were strung through the muscles of my face and some cosmic force jerked it together from time to time. The points of connection were just below my mouth, at the top of the apple of my cheek, and at my temple, all on the left side of my face.

This morning my face feels odd, slightly numb I'd call it, and the areas around those "points of connection" don't exactly hurt, but they don't feel normal. I also have a slight headache.

Ideas? Anybody? Anybody?


Mystic Wing said...

The dream could be a simple response to lying in a way that caused odd pressure to the left side of your face. I've had the same kinds of things—a cramp in my calf causing the wierdest dream ever.

I might be concerned, though, if there were other left side symptoms—leg or arm weakness, for example. Seeing a doctor would be a good idea, then, I think.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

The Universe is trying to get your attention. Perhaps a deep meditation would be helpful?

Anonymous said...

I had a bout of Bell's Palsy" last year, in which a pinched facial nerve causes one side of the face to lose muscle control. The nerve in question passes by the ear at the back of the jaw, and for me, there was an earache the night before onset of other symptoms. I found acupuncture helpful in speeding recovery, but at it's worst, I had to manually blink my eye!

kario said...

Maybe you're struggling with something that you're feeling really conflicted about? Could it be that half of you really wants something and the other half is just not ready to acknowledge that it is a good idea yet (thus the grimacing)? I'd solicit Michelle O's friend, Stacy. She's darn good at dream interpretation!

Stacy said...

Oh no! I am on dial up and just posted a lengthy interpretation and forgot to wait long enough. So here we go (again):)
The face, the mask you show to the world, the outer expression.

The left side- your feminine side- mocking you and grimacing, out of control, again.

Three points on face- the trinity,the Empress- goddess of nurture, fertility, creativity. Again feminine creative forces.

The thread- spirit- the thread that guides and connects us like puppets on a string being pulled by the gods, and hold it all together.

The mouth, the cheek, the temple-
your voice and expression, presenting structure, the gate to the psyche or intuition.

I think Kario and Mystic are both right. It seems as though there may be an old internal conflict between masculine expectations and the feminine creative goddess you are.Maybe the goddess within is getting restless for some creative splurging. Maybe there is some negative self talk going on? Which side is beating up on the other? I am unsure.How did you feel when the face was acting up? Was it OK, horrifying, scary, were you upset about being out of control of that part of you or was it just something that happens occasionally? That would give a good clue. Then again, it could be you were sleeping with your face in a funny position and it bothered you enough to leave you with a headache.