Monday, September 10, 2007

Here We Go Round In Circles

Pedaling along the Little Blue River on Sunday morning, I learned something from the actual pushing of the pedals. Yes, Mystic One, I hear you laughing. But I did.

You see, I was pedaling up a huge and horrible hill when I remembered a guide on one of my adventure trips explaining to me that you're supposed to push the pedals for the entire revolution. All you guys may know that, but I'd spent my whole life just pushing the pedals down and letting the up take care of itself.

I concentrated on making full circles, and it really is a whole different feeling. Plus, when you consciously bring the pedal back up, you increase power of the revolution.

Me, I'm all about the down, all about putting out. (No, not like THAT. Get your minds out of the gutter now.) Putting out effort. It's the up, the taking in that I haven't been so good about lately. That's why I put down the computer and picked up the bike in the first place: to breathe in the clean, cool air and the beauty of early fall.

That's also why I went to the movies to see Hairspray last night. I came home happy and energized. (And singing Good Morning, Baltimore.) I loved that movie. Can't wait to see it again, as a matter of fact.

There's power in completing the circle, breathing out and breathing in. A morning on the bike or an evening laughing with friends puts fuel in the tank for writing and for living.


Deb said...

It's the circle with a twist. This makes me think of a meditation Jennifer did at the last workshop where we focused on the space between breaths and were conscious for all of it - the in, the space, the out, the space. I can see you pedaling to the same rhythm.

Lovely writing as always.

Mystic Wing said...

I agree with your movie assessment. Though not a fan of musicals, I loved this one. Christopher Walken absolutely cracks me up.

Glad to see something got through to you. Biking, of all things. Sheesh.

Nancy said...

You have such a way with taking the ordinary and weaving it into wisdom. Beautiful. I will ponder my own pedal pushing today.

Amber said...

Wow. WOW! I need to think about this, myself...

I love you. You are so wise. ;)


Ziji Wangmo said...

The continual spirit of the circle- I love the smell of fall again even though I hate to say goodbye to summer. I guess that;s part of it - accepting life as it comes and goes.
It was great to read your posts tonight. I dropped out this summer and turned off my computer, so reading your words was like catching up with an old friend!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I agree with you on all points! BTW, can't wait to see "Hairspray" again, either! May have to buy it, "for the kids."

Michelle O'Neil said...

I have no idea how I pedal on a bike it's been so long? Hope the air felt good in your lungs and you became refreshed.

Hairspray! Yay!

R & S know the soundtrack by heart.