Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hello, Beauty

Riding through a leafy tunnel. The Little Blue River sparkles in the distance. Earbuds deliver Paul Potts' Con Te Partiro to my brain.

Round a corner, a deer stands in the path, unperturbed by my approach until I get within two or three feet. It bounds into the woods, white tail flashing through green.

I surrender.


Mystic Wing said...

Ah, there's the antidote. Great, great writing.

Beauty of this is that such moments are there for us at every single moment, if only we're open to them.

Have a great Sunday. (In some places, this is a day of rest, by the way.)

Deb said...

Such beauty expressed in so few words. Lovely!

kario said...

Ahh, you deserve it. Revel in it!