Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just Another Day in Kansas City

Pouring rain. My dog's in the closet. Apparently she finds more comfort in lying among my dirty laundry than next to me. Thunder and lighting make me thankful for batteries and wifi. Remember when a big storm meant you couldn't use the computer?

I've been wandering the internet, reseraching a book idea I might pursue with the woman from the coffee shop. Tracey is a young woman, 36 I think. Has 5 kids, the oldest 18. She's gorgeous is a Marsha Brady kind of way, smart, and funny. When she found out her husband had hooked up with a 22-year-old, she did not take it lying down. Turns out lots of women don't.

We're looking for ways to solicit those stories. When Tracey originally hatched the idea, I thought it was hilarious and totally commericial. I guess I imagined all the stories to be like hers or like this or this. You know--bizarre and funny but basically normal.

Then I found Revenge Lady,. Sad, in every sense of the word.

I revisited Post Secret and found it as touching as ever.

Could the difference be the addition of art? Maybe it's the space limitations of the postcards. Or maybe the intention behind the project.

Lots to think about while the lightning flashes and the dog hides.

Ideas about how to solicit stories are more than welcome.


Amber said...

Kory has a friend at work, who was just left with her two small children for a 20 year old. He actually kicked her and the kids out of the house and moved his little tramp in. AND got her a new Mustang!

Kory has been telling her for a few years that the guy was a loser...*sigh*. Anyway, she asked "what Amber would do"... and Kory-- right on the money-- laughed and told her that that f-ing Mustang would be a fire ball in the driveway.

So happy he really knows who he married. LOL!

I think that would be a GREAT idea for a book idea!


kario said...

There are lots of single-mom support sites on the web with attendant chat areas. I'm thinking they'd be a gold mine for those kinds of stories and, if it's anything like my experience, women are dying to tell their stories!

Good luck!

Mystic Wing said...

Ah, the monstrous storms I saw coming into St. Louis last night from the west must have been coming from your neck of the woods.

This new idea is a great one. Provided the other great ideas don't die on the vine.

Deb said...

You on a treasure hunt - I can hardly wait to read the gold you come up with. Very excited for you as the writer and for me as the reader!