Monday, October 20, 2008

To Infinity and Beyond

Sitting in a Minneapolis coffee shop two blocks from Katie's apartment right now, happy as a clam. Drove here yesterday and expect to stay until Wednesday.

My first appointment with the sedation dentist is Thursday. All he's going to do is talk to me about the whole "knock you senseless" thing and make the REAL appointment. Feel pretty sure I can handle that.

And THEN, on Friday, I'm heading to Mountain View, Arkansas, to attend the Outhouse Races and Bean Festival.

This is what it looks like down there:
I have reservations in a lovely B&B in a little town called Leslie. My goal for the weekend is to soak myself in color. I'm taking my paints and pastels, my canvases and Conte crayons. Also taking prints of some gorgeous photos Prema introduced us to a couple weeks ago, some Rigid Wrap and some Plaster of Paris. The good Lord only knows what I'll come home with, but it will be colorful. Of that I am sure.

Sure of a couple other things, too: Paula's top will be down and my spirits will be up.


Particlesofspirit said...

It's a sad day now that I know that I'm going to miss the Outhouse Races and Bean Festival. I guess this is what they mean by ignorance is bliss?

Carrie Wilson Link said...

And I am SURE you're on the road to something BEAUTIFUL!!!!

riversgrace said...

I wish I could come along! Please have someone take a photo of you with Paula. No, you IN paula, top down.

Safe and vibrant travels.

Particles of Spirit said...

I just remembered I have friends who live in Mountain View Arkansas. You'll probably run into Richie and Marion at the Outhouse Race but you won't even know it, since I couldn't even begin to describe them. :)

Michelle O'Neil said...

Outhouses and beans? Together at last?

Give Paula my love.

Deb said...

Traveling mercies. Mercy me!!! Outhouses? Really? Here's to happy and color and you.

Stacy said...

plaster of paris, outhouses and beans, now I am getting concerned.