Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crying for Color

Felt the need to cry yesterday, so I went to see Nights in Rodanthe.

I know. I know. But one thing you can count on from Nicholas Sparks is the jerking of tears, and I needed to spill a few over something and someone not related to my own life.

I watched. I cried. I laughed at myself. But most of all, I realized how deeply I've been longing for color. The movie is shot mostly inside an incredible old house on the Carolina shore. Azures and reds and mustards and greens. Strong, deep colors that pull you into their presence, into beauty.

Left the movie and went straight to the fabric store. Bought yards and yards of fabric in the colors that spoke to me so loudly from the movie. I was already working on a quilt about "yes," but its colors were so "maybe." Changed my plans a bit, and now it's heading toward bold and vibrant and daring.

The quilt is based on these words from Haven Kimmel's The Solace of Leaving Early:

"We are lured toward truth, beauty, and goodness. . .the lure is pulling at our hearts like some lucid joy inside every actual occasion and all we have to do is…

Say yes."

I'm saying yes. Do you hear me, Universe? I'm saying yes. Sewing yes, too.


SpiritParticles said...

I cannot wait to see the quilt.

Last time I was at my favorite independent bookstore, they had some incredible quilts hanging on the walls just teasing people, or me anyway. Teasing because non of them were for sale - like I could afford one.

riversgrace said...

The only thing that made me cry in that movie was the scene where she unwraps her tucked away art supplies. Reconnecting with herself - that moved me! :)

Can we see the colors, please?

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Okay, that's hilarious, that the colors were so "maybe." SO glad to hear you've got the YES colors to go with the YES quilt! I want PICTURES!!!!!

Amber said...

A Yes quilt! Can't wait to see that.

I saw this movie last week, and also shed a few-- I know just what you mean. I needed it too. But I had no idea about the end! You should have heard all the sniffing. lol


Deb said...

Love these colors. Love your writing. Love you.

Stacy said...