Thursday, October 16, 2008

She Got Up Off the Chair*

I went to the dentist.

I did not stay.

Settled into the chair. They strapped on the black rubber pig nose for nitrus and brought out the instruments. As the dentist and his assistant gathered round me and prepared to shove their hands into my mouth, I panicked. At first, I asked for a moment to gather myself, and then I knew. I knew I could not stay there.

The dentist was kind. He said sedation dentistry exists for a reason and referred me to someone who will knock me insensate before invading my personal space with power tools. I took that out and ran with it.

I felt like a prize-winning, blue-ribbon-at-the-state-fair, tickertape-parade-earning idiot. But I also felt that treating myself kindly, being patient with my weaknesses for once, might not be the end of the world.

I cried. I shook. I got up off the chair and went home.

Next stop in the dental saga: total oblivion. That, I think I can handle. Details to follow.

*If you haven't read Haven Kimmel's She Got Up Off the Couch, treat yourself to it. It's simply terrific.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

I agree.

I agree that sedation dentistry exists for a reason.

And I agree that Haven's memoir (both, actually) are a total treat.

Be nice to Jerri. She's my friend.

Doubting Thomas said...

I'd view this as you taking care of yourself, not you being cowardly.

Provided, that is, that you get to that sedation dentist pronto.

Deb said...

I'm so proud of you for listening to your inner self and not forcing her to endure what is clearly a major nightmare. I have another friend, almost as strong and brilliant as you are, who chooses the unconscious path to dental health. Give yourself a gold star for courage and compassion today.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Good for you for taking care of yourself.

So what you need to be sedated. So what. Whatever feels like relief.


Nancy said...

I once left from the waiting room and never made it to the chair. I opt for natural childbirth over any dental work! Never even realized that I could ask for complete sedation! Thank you. :)

kario said...

Knowing your limits and creating boundaries to protect yourself is a sign of maturity and sanity.

There are lots of challenges you can face head-on. This is not a worthwhile fight, my dear. So glad you realized that. You rock!

Amber said...

This is what I have to do, too. Don't feel bad. If I'm not snoring, fahgitaboutit.


Stacy said...

(sorry it takes so long to get here)
Go Jerri Go! I am right there running with you and not ashamed, NOT ASHAMED- here's a little food for dentist thought- "Stimpy, my nerve endings hurt!" lol