Thursday, May 24, 2007


Not sure whether this involves sense memory or senseless ones.

Those of you who've been reading for a while may remember The Counselor, the love of my life (so far). He always wore Obsession cologne, which I came to love. Love. Love.

Not sure whether or not I actually loved the cologne, but I loved him, including the way he smelled and some part of that was his cologne.

Got a little stir crazy this afternoon, writing captions for photographs in one of my books. Took my laptop and went to a restaurant to have a working dinner. Just as I was finishing, the unmistakable smell of Obsession struck my nostrils and my brain. I dropped my laptop on the floor.

Now, seriously. I haven't dated this man for almost 8 years and a whiff of his cologne made me drop my computer. It's going to cost upwards of $650 to fix it. That's obsession, but not one Calvin Klein could put in a bottle.


Deb said...

I didn't know whether to laugh with you or cry for you when I read this - so I did a bit of both. I am in absolute awe of your ability to say so much, so powerfully in so few words.

You always leave me wondering what's going to come next.

Love to you.

kario said...

Love this! There's something about that scent that just does it for me, too. My husband wore it for years and then stopped because he decided he had gotten in a rut and wanted to try something else. I'm hoping to get him back to it someday soon.

Ziji Wangmo said...

So...did you find out who was wearing the Obsession?

riversgrace said...

Our oldest and strongest faculty - smell. Connected to the oldest, most primal part of the brain. The universe wanted you to get that in a big way. Hmmmm, but why? Maybe we'll find out soon?

Just crossed my mind that if you want to access memory....perhaps to write about the past, ask your nose.

Stacy said...

Damn it!!!