Saturday, May 26, 2007

Martha Beck and Green Tara

Yesterday on Oprah, Martha Beck described a healing practice of compassion. Following her suggestion, just before I drifted off last night I imagined watching myself sleep and reached out to my self as I would to a loved one. I pictured tucking the covers around myself and patted my arms and legs. I spoke to this sleeping form of myself as though she were my own child.

I actually felt my heart leap when I said, "Don't be afraid. You're safe here with me. I'll take care of you."

During the night I dreamed of many things, including a tornado that destroyed my home. I watched water pour into the house during the storm and then toured the damage, worrying more with every step about how it would ever be put right.

Later I dreamed of visiting a quilt shop, where I showed a quilt I'm working on to the women who owned the shop. They were delighted with it and made some lovely suggestions (which I'm going to incorporate in real life because I'm actually making the quilt that showed up in the dream). Then one of the women suggested I use the same techniques to make a quilt of Green Tara. We talked at length about how to do it and I mentioned a drawing that could provide the base art.

When I woke up, my first thought was to look for that drawing. Of course, I don't have such a drawing, it was only in the dream. But I googled Green Tara and was amazed at what I found. Green Tara represents universal compassion and protection from fear.

My next quilt will be Green Tara. I can hardly wait to get started. Meantime, I'm going to continue offering myself compassion and protection.

Thank you, Martha. You, too, Green Tara.


kario said...

This is so terrific, Jerri! I love that you tucked yourself in, and I can't wait to see photos of the Green Tara quilt.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Perhaps a retreat at Tara Mandala is in your future?

I mean, you got a personal invitation it seems!

Deb said...

Wow, Jerri. What an amazing dream. I love that you offered yourself the same compassion and comfort that you so generously give to all of us. I'm with Kari, looking forward to seeing the Green Tara quilt.

Ziji Wangmo said...

I LOVE the idea of a Green Tara quilt! I can't imagine anything more yummy than to sleep under Green tara everynight. I can't wait to see it - what a great dream.

Jess said...

Beautiful, all of it. You are on a clear path, in such a fruitful direction.

grammer said...

I suddenly want to call you JerBear! I have no idea why. Maybe it's the tucking-in... I know this is significant in grown-up ways, but it has a certain cute factor, too :)

Love that you're going to put your dreams to work. Dave used to get song ideas in his sleep, sometimes whole songs. There's some deep, powerful mining possible from your dreamscapes. How wonderful that you can tap it and bring it forth!

Green Tara was at our last workshop, on Jennifer's altar. Love it! xo t

Jess said...

You might like to check out this book by a woman I did a retreat (Dharma and Writing) with about 3 years ago. It's about Kwan-Yin, who is Tara's Chinese counterpart. The Goddess of Compassion, she talked a lot about her at the retreat we did.

Amber said...

You are kidding me! lol! Isn't it amazing how our dreams can bring us JUSt what we need? Show us a way? Give us a message? Green Tara. Wonderful!


Stacy said...

That's a powerful visitation, love it.

Go Mama said...

Love Martha! I got to meet her and hear her speak at a women writer's conference last year. She is a force... and funny too. Glad you found inspiration in your dreamstate. And, for what it's worth, you already are the embodiment of compassion Jerri.

magicaldamselfly said...

Oh Jerri to tuck yourself in must be the most comforting thing one can do for ones self.
I'd love to know more about "Green Tara" and I'd absolutely love to have some further instructions on the coloring/melting technique used in this quilt.
I've been away far to long. I've missed reading your posts.

::gentle hugs::

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I love everything about a Green Tara quilt! How can you possibly go wrong with compassion and protection? Green Tara is swift acting, too, you gotta love that!