Thursday, January 04, 2007


Some of you have been following Darlene's journey with her son, Mark. If not, you may want to go to Darlene's blog to catch up.

Darlene is a mother, writer, artist, and seeker with a soul as wide as the sky and a heart to match. She writes as she apparently lives—with grace and passion and love. Always love. A little more than two weeks ago, Mark was in a terrible car accident. His survival was a miracle, but still he hovers at the edge of danger. Yesterday he had emergency surgery, his 3rd since the accident. Darlene, who has lupus, visited him from the wheelchair made necessary by a flare up.

The driver of the car Mark was riding in is out of the hospital and has been charged with a misdemeanor and released.


I do not wish the driver harm, mind you. He's going to have a heavy load to carry every moment for the rest of his life. I just don't understand. Here's a young man from a loving family, grievously injured and struggling from one minute to the next. Thanks to the blog community, hundreds--maybe thousands--pray for his recovery and for his family's strength.

Will God intervene? Does He or She control our journeys? I believe in the power of prayer but question the value of prayers of petition. In other words, I know my faith in God, in the Universe, in a Loving Spirit will help me survive, even thrive, despite difficult circumstances. I pray for the wisdom to see the Path and the strength to follow it. I pray for Mark, several times every day. I pray for Darlene and the rest of the family. But I don't really know that the hand of God will reach down and protect one individual from harm. (And I'm pretty damn sure He isn't converting pop flies to home runs when some ballplayer crosses himself before he swings a bat.)

What's it all about, Alfie?

Today I wish mine was a blind faith, writ large in ideology I dare not question. Not really, of course, but sometimes it seems so appealing.

However you pray, please join me in praying for Mark, his mother Darlene, and their family. The driver, too, while we're at it.


Jenny Rough said...

I wonder these questions all the time, believing that God cares deeply about the details of our lives, but probably doesn't micromanage everything. Still, there is something about physical healing that gives me faith - maybe because Jesus did so much of it in the bible.

Becca said...

I haven't been able to get that family out of my mind since the day it happened - my heart just aches for them. As I've spent time with my son, big, strong and healthy as he is, I can't help but think how quickly that can all be changed.

I keep praying, for whatever its worth, hoping that somehow it will help.

Amber said...

Oh, what a question! I wish I knew for sure...And I call myself The Believing Soul!!

I see God not as just one He/She being, waiting to wait on us...But as a pervasive energy that exists. I do think that all the prayer can work to bring and attract good energy-- even intercessory beings,to help when needed. Good breeds itself, in a way, as does evil. So we should keep up our prayers in faith. ;)

I wish it were simple. I think this all the time. But I know better than most, that shitty things happen to good people. God isn't punishing us, or sleeping on the job... This is the deal we made to come here and be human beings. And part of that deal was that we *might* remember to be His/Her hands here... That we might remember that we are all part of something so much bigger than what we see. When we do remember, miracles happen.

I wish more than anything that we could make sure Mark will be all okay! I wish we could pray hard enough to turn back time, and undo it! But his soul is here to learn, to suffer, to experience Grace and Love, and trials--- same as all of us. Life just isn't fair...But I think we knew that going in. And if I am right, then it just proves what a brave and mighty soul he is.

And you are a beautiful and loving one. ;)