Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Girl's Dreams

In 2004, Jennifer Hudson's fans were shocked when she was voted off American Idol. My daughter and her friends were outraged. Just outraged.

Jennifer herself had to be beyond disappointed. If you stopped the story of her life at that point, it would have seemed like a pretty sad story.

Who knows what would have come next if Jennifer had won AI, but her life would surely have taken a different path. As it was, she had the opportunity to do Dream Girls and rose to the challenge in a big, big way. This morning Jennifer found herself on the Today Show, trying to answer questions about her Oscar nomination. She seemed dazed and talked about needing time to reflect on her blessings.

Her story looks a very different today.

You go, girl. Lots of people, including my Katie, are thrilled to see your talents recognized.


Michelle O'Neil said...

One door closes, another one opens! Good for her!

Terry Whitaker said...

Such an incredible story--one we can all emulate.