Monday, January 15, 2007

Be Still Like Broccoli

Just finished my post-lunch 30 minutes on the treadmill. Yep, that's me: proud owner of a brand new Nordic Track treadmill, purchased on sale at Sears last Saturday.

AND I'm publicly announcing my goal of losing 33 pounds in 2007. Not so easy for me to say, considering that it's pretty embarassing to admit I've got 33 pounds available for loss. But I do, and it's got to go.

There, that wasn't so hard, was it?

Well, actually, it was. But that's another story entirely.

This post started off to be thoughts about stillness. Passed the time on the treadmill (just can't say that enough!), reading O magazine. Including, ironically, an article on weight loss. According to James A. Levine, MD, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine no less, people who fidget burn about 350 calories more a day than people who are still when at rest. That's 33 pounds a year!

So, in other words, this past two years when I've been working so hard at learning to be still, finding inner peace and true physical rest, I've been lulling myself into gaining the EXACT poundage I'm now struggling to offload?

You absolutely have to be kidding me.

Damn. Everything has a price. Even inner peace.


Mystic Wing said...

Um, I really don't think an excess of inner peace is really the problem, do you?

In my case, anyway, I'm pretty sure that cookies and cheese and french bread are the culprit.

But tell you what, let's have a bit of a contest this year, shall we? I, too, can easily stand to lose 33 pounds.

The only ground rules: we can't give up inner peace to get there.

Nirvanha, here we come.

Darlene said...

Jerri ~*~ Hello Sweet Woman

I can't thank you enough about your willingness and sacrifice to arrange the, it really was a big deal to me and such a unique experience knowing that at THAT VERY MOMENT other's around the world were also lifting him up. Yes, I am a strong woman, but this was my child, I have not FELT very strong at all, regardless of what other's thought.

This vigil made me FEEL strong and I needed that because I will be dipping into new avenues of necessary strenghth for the long haul. Thank You a million times over.

I have a small gift for you. If you feel comfortable emailing me your address, please do. Consider it a great big hug in the mail.
Love to you lovely girl...I am blessed by you :)

xoxo Darlene

Prema said...

So funny. I just watched today's Oprah about Bob Green's weight loss challenge. I'm in, too. Twenty-five for me. Happy treading, inner peace.

Kamsin said...

So stillness is good for toning up the soul but not so good for the body! Good luck with your fitness plan!

~Nancy~ said...

No shame in admitting the need to de-lard. I need to do it as well. I want to buy a treadmill, have wanted to for a while. But, Feller wants me to wait since he is looking at a house with a full Nautilus gym. That is great, except my fat is beginning to like it here and I NEED to attack it while the urge is strong, NOT when I can finally move!
I should walk around my neighborhood but I find reasons not to like rain, 30 degree temps, snow, etc. I am a pro at finding an excuse not to be cold, miserable, and tired. So, here I sit, all warm and wrapped up my inner peace and a glob of insulating adipose tissue.... F-A-T!
Good luck to you! I am cheering for you in between bites of left over cookies! :-)
(actually, I froze a bunch and sent the rest to NC with Feller...but there always seems to be treats in this house I should not eat!)