Sunday, January 28, 2007


What is it about corn? Somehow I can't get enough of it. Some Rubenesque types hanker for brownies or hot fudge. Not me. Those things are okay, but the things I long for when I'm hungry, the food items I can't turn away from all include corn. Give me tortillas, Fritos, cornbread, corn nuts, popcorn or Doritos and I'm happy. Throw in a little cheese somewhere and I'm ecstatic.

Scalloped corn is a delicacy I dare not even taste. Corn pudding? I'm totally there. Make a bowl of corn/bean/avocado salad and I'll eat til my cheeks puff like a squirrel storing acorns. Roasted corn on the cob is my favorite indulgence at any farmer's market sophisticated enough to feature a roaster.

What am I feeding with all this corn? It clearly isn't pure physical hunger because physical hunger ends when you've consumed a moderate amount of food. My hunger for corn doesn't diminish no matter how much of it I eat. One chip leads to 20 and at the end, only logic stops me, not satisfaction.

Years and years ago, a leader at a Weight Watcher's meeting asked, "If what you need is a hug and what you reach for is a chocolate chip cookie, how many cookies will it take?"

Make that nachos and you've got yourself a damn good question.


Mystic Wing said...

For me, it's nuts. Cashews, peanuts, almonds....

Put some chocolate over them, and I'm doomed, doomed, I say.

Not making a lot of headway on my 33 pounds myself. Damned that midlife metabolism shift.

magicaldamselfly said...

I'd join you for those nacho's they look ever so yummy. But just in case it's not corn you need...
~*~Jerri~*~ Here is a hug!

The answer is this....Infinity
because until you get that hug you'll keep eating those cookies.

Very thought provoking question though.