Sunday, July 18, 2010

Observations from this Weekend's Adventure

Best license plate, seen on an Audi A6: HAudi

Best Signage, seen on commercial building in Clinton, MO: Dull and Lowe, Attorneys at Law

This is the "Great Wall of Tomato," supported by a trellis Jeff built from timber he cut on his property.

Tomatoes like this are the reason Jeff built the trellis. Anything less couldn't support these monsters.

Jeff grows 9 different varieties of peppers. We had some of each in our dinner Saturday night. Whooooweeee.

Watermelon is the perfect desert when temperatures hover near 100. We gathered the seeds from our slices--this is an heirloom variety and Jeff returns the seeds to the seed company.


Carrie Link said...

tee hee!

Deb Shucka said...

Yum! A perfect summer's day. said...

Beautiful food. Way to go Jeff!

Dull & Lowe. Very funny.

Amber said...

I want that garden!!!


kario said...

Gorgeous garden!
Gorgeous day!