Sunday, July 11, 2010

100 Things to Do Before I Go

Blogging not only rocks. It rolls.

I introduced Michelle to Laura Munson who led Michelle to Karen Walrond. Michelle posted Karen's book trailer, which left breadcrumbs to Mighty Maggie and her life list.

This idea grabbed me and wouldn't let go. As both Karen and Maggie note, the point is not that you have to do all 100 things before you die. The point is that writing them down forms a commitment with your soul to reach further. To live bigger. And smaller. To remember that we all go. To recognize the time is now.

My list kept me up until 1:00 am and woke me at 5:45. I haven't finished, but I'm posting it here and now. I am committing to my self. I am committing to others. I am saying yes to life.

In no particular order...

100 Things to Do Before I Go

1. Fall in love again.
2. Ride my bicycle across Tuscany.
3. See the Grand Canyon.
4. Visit Yosemite.
5. Walk my daughter down the aisle.
6. Teach my granddaughter to swim.
7. Write a book from my heart.
8. Stomp grapes at a vineyard.
10. Fly a kite on a beach.
11. Take a barefoot sailing cruise.
12. Return to the Bay of Fundy.
13. Spend a weekend in Kinsale, Ireland.
14. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway.
15. Learn to bake good bread.
16. Visit all 50 states.
17. Take dance lessons.
18. Sleep at the Beagle motel.
19. Meditate at the Joshua Tree
20. Take a barge trip down the Seine.
21. Learn photography.
22. Make jam from strawberries I grew myself.
23. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.
24. Take a moon bath in the full moon.
25. Bike Mackinac Island.
26. Finish or give away all unfinished projects.
27. Make the Astrid sweater.
28. Take painting lessons.
29. Make 100 lovely things.
30. Sleep in a treehouse.
31. Get an essay accepted by the NY Times
32. Spend a summer in a small house by the ocean.
33. Spend a summer in Bayfield, Wisconsin.
34. Volunteer with a theater group.
35. Make pasta from scratch.
36. Find a spiritual home.
37. Hike in a fern glen.
38. Drive the Going to the Sun Road.
39. Stay at the Plaza when I visit my publisher.
40. Ride the Katy Trail from one end to the other.
41. Take my granddaughter to Disney World.
42. Learn 100 new words in English.
43. Waterski again.
44. Try 100 kinds of tea.
45. Donate 1000 books to a library.
46. Hike Kitchen Mesa.
47. Create a comfortable, funky workspace for myself.
48. Read 1000 more books.
49. Attend 100 local festivals.
50. Dance from dusk to dawn.
51. Watch the Leonid Showers from a desert or forest
52. Attend a concert at the Sydney Opera House.
53. Listen to 100 new-to-me musicians.
54. Make giant bubbles with my granddaughter.
56. Spend a long weekend in Mendocino, CA.
57. Record my father's carny calls.
58. Attend 100 author readings.
59. Learn to stand on my head.
60. Recycle at least 50% of all garbage I create.
61. Hug a redwood.
62. Learn Tai Chi.
63. Meditate 100 days in a row.
64. Buy a book at Over the Transom in Fairhope, Alabama
65. Get a story published in Glimmer Train.
67. Read 1000 poems.
68. Post a YouTube video.
69. Make an illustrated book of my favorite quotes.
70. Swing for 30 minutes.
71. Write a six-word novel.
73. Take fly-fishing lessons.
74. Make 100 angels.
75. Make my own Pandora radio station.
76. Find 100 heart rocks.
77. Make my blog look like me.
78. Donate 100 warm hats to Micah Ministries.
79. Can really good salsa.
80. Journal my progress on this list.


Carrie Link said...

What a wonderful and inspiring list! See you at the Erma Bombeck Wriitng Festival!

luckyzmom said...

You have given me some direction. Was that on your list? said...

Jerri, I love it! Reading your list took me higher!

Deb Shucka said...

What a fun, adventure-filled, heart-soaring list. Looking forward to the stories that result.

Karen from Chookooloonks said...

Fantastic list -- welcome to the life list sisterhood!


kario said...

Ooh, I want to see the personal ad!

Amber said...

Best list ever! All these things are so cool!!


BOSSY said...

Fantastic list!