Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life List Update #1

Journaling my Life List has reminded me how extraordinarily blessed my life has been.

For example, #16--Visit All 50 States. I started the journal with a brief memory of each state I've visited. Turns out I have clear memories of all but three states. Unlikely though it is--having lived in Missouri and MN most of my life--I cannot recall visiting Oklahoma, North Dakota or Nebraska. This weekend I plan to knock Oklahoma off the list.

And #55--Visit All the Great Lodges. Turns out I've already hit eight of the 16. These grand old buildings and the stories of their creation are fascinating. I look forward to learning the other eight.

The journal leaves a map for my children to follow--through my life and their own. This--having a plan, taking risks, creating and honoring memories--this is how you make a life, my dear ones.

I leave you with a message from Teagan.


Deb Shucka said...

Peace, Baby! And love. To you both.

I love the lodges, too. If you want company for the ones close to me, just holler. :-)

Colleen / Mn said...

Peace. Smiling here. How adorable!

Mercurious said...

Well, I've been to all three states, and I would suggest to you that if you visit one, you've seen all three.

Carrie Link said...



Amber said...

I love your wisdom.

:) said...

Love your list. Love that baby!

luckyzmom said...