Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where I'll Find Him

In a wise a loving comment on my post Dreams, Grammer said:

I'm skeptical of the thing. I met every man I've loved while doing what I loved to do most: music. That's where I'm soul-bare, available, listening, and ready for anything. What do you love to do most? What puts you in that kind of space? I think that's where you're gonna find him.

I've spent a bit of time now, thinking about what I love most these days: reading, writing, watching the pond, talking books with people who love them as I do.

Not much man-meeting potential there. Not that many years ago--maybe 5--I hiked across Canada, biked across Alaska, kayaked in Puget Sound, watched the sun rise above Acadia National Park (the first place the sun touches in the US each morning) and on and on. Once I was a person who flew in hot air balloons and drove a dog sled through the forest on the night of winter solstice. Now I'm a person who surfs the internet.

Maybe that, above all, is what needs to change. Instead of thinking about life, I need to get back to living it.

Thanks, Tracy. Great comment.


Stacy said...

You drove dog sleds!?
Now that's something you don't hear everyday.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I don't think you have to go back to the other extreme. Join a co-ed book club, co-ed writing circle, co-ed pond watching group, etc. Don't go back to driving dog sleds unless that's REALLY what you love! I happen to know someone that just met Mr. Right (after 1,000,000 Mr. Dead Wrongs) just going about her daily business - nothing unusual at all.

kario said...

That Tracy, she's brilliant, isn't she?

I love the thoughts of you spending time exploring the world in a very hands-on way and I also love thinking about you sitting and watching the pond. I think the person who is lucky enough to find you will delight in sharing your views of the world - all of them.

Love you.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Maybe "he" could drive the sled, and you could sit in the back, enjoying the fresh air with your book?

Suzy said...

I know some great guys you would like- and you have so much in common. They own a salon and a spa also. OOPS! Sorry....wrong team.
Love you


Mystic Wing said...

I suggest taking a hard look at the yoga studios to see what fellows might be found there.

They're likely to be extremely limber, which is always a good thing. Or at least, I found it so when I was a much younger man.

Amber said...

I think that sounds pretty smart, Jerri. What about at writing workshops? Maybe you should go to more of those. What about the Writer's Digest Maui Writer's conf.? You could get a tan, and take surf lessons, and maybe meet him on the beach!

I think just keep your mind and heart open. You never know where he will be. Remember, I found mine while I was buying tampons. :)


Deb said...

I love Tracy's wisdom. I love picturing you doing all that amazing adventure stuff. I've never thought of you as someone who did anything halfway, including the way you're living your life now. You'll know and listen and do exactly what you need to have your heart's desire. I know you will. Love you.