Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Bridge Too Far

35W is the main N/S artery through Minnesota. A bridge carrying 35W across the Mississippi River collapsed last night, tossing cars into the river and lives into disarray.

A friend here in KC called shortly after the collapse to ask if I knew about it and whether I'd heard from Katie. At first I couldn't find any news, not even on the web, but then coverage popped up on CNN. Katie answered her phone on the first ring, safe at her dad's cabin in northern Minnesota, thank God. Other friends called or sent notes to say that they, too, were safe.

Some families, some friends were not so fortunate. People died last night, on that bridge and elsewhere.

When I'd watched the news for a while, I went over and bugged my mother until she agreed to go over to my sister's pool. We whined until Deb stopped cleaning her house and came out to play with us. Reluctantly, my niece and nephew and brother-in-law joined us. We swam and splashed and paddled around in the gathering darkness, enjoying one another's company and the lovely evening. Every one of us was glad we'd stepped out of our routine to play together.

Anne Lamott says that on the day she dies, she wants to have had dessert. Me, too. But even more than chocolate, I want to have had time with those I love. And the thing is, you never know. The ground could fall from beneath your feet at any moment. Hold hands, say I love you, take time to play. Do it today. Do it tomorrow. Just do it.

Odds are you'll never be on a bridge when it falls from the sky, but you will live a life rich with love and laughter. And chocolate.


kario said...

As usual, your instincts are right on, my dear.

Love you.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Excellent reminder, Jerri! You showed up in my dreams last night. We had the same hairstylist. Neither of us were happy with our last haircuts. Hope you, and every hair on your head is happy and well, my friend!

Deb said...

Here's to savoring it all - chocolate, summer evening splashing, the love of friends and family. Thank you for the reminder dear friend. Love.

riversgrace said...

Love this, thank you.

Suzy said...

Your post certainly brings to light all the silly little things that occupy our time.
Lovely post.


Stacy said...

Truth rings here, great reminder to pay attention to the things in life that really matter. I am sorry for those people on the bridge, fate twists in so many strange ironic directions, doesn't it.

Ziji Wangmo said...

Thank you, Jerri!!!!

When can we finally meet?