Monday, August 06, 2007


The whole match thing must be on my mind even more than I realize.

Dreamed I got married. It was a small but beautiful ceremony held in a grand ballroom. All my favorite people were there and I was happy, happy. The man I married was younger than I and extremely handsome--dark, curly hair, great smile, kind eyes. We circulated separately through the crowd, talking and laughing with people, then sat together to have dinner.

Later I walked by a table of gifts and saw that someone had made a quilt for us. I cried and cried as I looked at it and recognized all the love that had gone into it.

I danced and celebrated with friends. In a conversation it became clear that I had not yet known my new husband (in the biblical sense), and then someone mentioned that he'd left the party and gone upstairs. Everyone encouraged me to join him in the honeymoon suite.

Thank God I woke up before I had to show that gorgeous guy my cellulite.


magicaldamselfly said...

Perhaps this was more than a dream, perhaps a message telling you to let this man come naturally into your life, to open your life up to allow someone in that you would least expect.
I hope you find this dream dear one.

Ziji Wangmo said...

Stop it!!!! Cellulite? What woman over the age of 40 doesn't have celulite? And anyway, it sounds like he was too into you to even care. Next time don't wake up and go for's only a dream.

Deb said...

I agree with ziji - he's not looking at your cellulite! This really does sound like a message - do you need to adjust the age range lower on your match profile?

I hope to be there with you when this dream comes true.


kario said...

By the way, that was your circle that made the quilt for you - those of us who wouldn't be surprised in the least if you ended up with a gorgeous man. That's the only kind you deserve - gorgeous inside and out.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I see it. Dreams are the psyche telling us what its up to! Hope I was at that wedding. What was I wearing?

Amber said...

LOL! Oh, you! That was funny at the end. But don't you know, we have no cellulite in dreams!

And if Demi Moore could do it, so could you babe! ;)


Stacy said...

He's there for you, you just don't know him yet. Skip the thing, those things don't really work.I could tell you how i know, but not here, not now. I don't think you need it to find your match. Just being ready and knowing it, is all it takes.

grammer said...

Wonderful dream. Isn't it bliss to wake up from one of these? It can color the whole day, color the whole week if you let it.

I'm skeptical of the thing. I met every man I've loved while doing what I loved to do most: music. That's where I'm soul-bare, available, listening, and ready for anything. What do you love to do most? What puts you in that kind of space? I think that's where you're gonna find him. xo t

Kim said...

One of the most memorable quotes I've ever heard was from Naomi Wolfe when she spoke at my colleage about 17 years ago:

Regarding cellulite: "If over 90% of women have it, maybe it's not such a 'deformity?'"

The joy and love and community of that dream exists in your life already, from all I see. All that's needed is a little bit of what happens in that honeymoon suite!