Thursday, July 05, 2007

Taos Writer's Workshop

Today will be crazy busy for me. I've got to run payroll this morning and get my laundry done and get packed this afternoon. Tomorrow morning I'll be off to Santa Fe for a few days of fun and then on to Taos for a week-long writer's workshop, where Barb will be teaching and I will be studying.

Feeling blessed, I am.

From Sunday afternoon through the following Friday evening, my entire focus will be on writing. My idea of bliss. I don't know what to expect in the classes themselves or who or what I'll encounter there. Aaaahhhh. Adventure.

Plus, I'll be in New Mexico. I've pulled out my hiking boots, cleaned out my camelback, and found a compass. This is going to be fun.

Last night I dreamed of writing. Words were running through my head and I was transcribing them on my new laptop. As I typed, I kept being amazed and how much sense I was making. (It's always a surprise when that happens.)

I'll have wireless access and, of course, my laptop, so I'll let you know how it's going. I am so very excited about this.


Mystic Wing said...

Have a great, great time, and do blog about the experience while you're in N.M. I hope to hear many, many details when you return.

Michelle O'Neil said...

LOVE Taos!

Eat at Eskes!


Go Mama said...

Wow, good for you Jerri! Have a great time!

And while we're on food recs, here's a delicious one in Santa Fé, Café Pasquals...yummy for breakfast or a high-end dinner:

holly said...

Ditto Michelle! Love Taos.

I you have time, check out some of the hot springs along the rio grande gorge!

Can't wait to hear about the workshops.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time, sounds wonderful!

Wanted you to know I clicked on the website of your friend Barb, and couldn't believe it. Back when I went to the beach in April, I read her Memoir, and loved it. I was so taken with it. She has stayed with me, on my mind, after reading it. So nice to know she has such a wonderful friend like you. Small world.

Anyway, enjoy the Taos Writer's Workshop, I know it will be everything you think it will be and more! XOXO

grammer said...

Jerri, I was just in Santa Fe on tour. I fell in love with it. I mean BIG LOVE. Like I started scoping out the rental scene there and thinking about the least stressful way to move the cats!

If I knew there was a writers workshop happening there, I would have gone in half a heartbeat.

Best advice I got in Santa Fe was to eat at Cafe Pasqual's in old town.

Have a great time! xoxo tg

grammer said...

instead of "happening there" i meant "anywhere near there" (i.e., taos). :)

riversgrace said...

Wow, so fantastic, Jerri! Good for you,honey. I love Taos, too. Lived in Santa Fe twice. Let the color of sky and dirt inform your voice.

Safe travels...