Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live from Santa Fe

Seen on the sidewalk in downtown Santa Fe. Great advice, yes?

Barb and me at the sculpture garden in front of the Georgia O'Keefe Retreat Center.

A prairie chicken in the same sculpture garden.

Love to all. More soon.


Jess said...

I love the picture of your guys in the elephant!! So great. You look really happy. Have fun!

Mystic Wing said...

Have fun, kids! Looking forward to hearing about the wriring sessions this week.

Posted a short response to your comment re: surrender. Interesting subject, and one we'll have to disuss in much more depth. Perhaps a longer blog dialogue on the subject sometime this week.

riversgrace said...

Did you go to Pascual's? If you want great coffee, head to the Newstand, a local favorite.

Can't wait to hear about the whole adventure.

Stacy said...

OOHHH, ahhh :)!!! So much fun!
I wouldn't be into the OKeefe museum though. She paints too much like me, I can't get influenced by her work. It's like water the way it flows into you.

mamatulip said...

Great picture of you -- your happiness radiates.

"Love your life"...I love that.

Go Mama said...


I needed that! thx.

You two look great together...have fun!