Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Feels like the world's gone mad today.

I saw news of a beautiful young woman who's missing in Colorado, I think. The last her (first) husband heard of her, she was on her way to meet one of her clients. Seems she supported herself through an old, old profession.

Lindsey Lohan, that darling girl from The Parent Trap, has grown into a confused young woman caught in the web of drugs and alcohol.

I'm rereading Four Seasons in Rome and find myself even more in awe of the rhythm and the language this time around.

Evan, who's living with me right now, is terribly unhappy but unable to take steps to make things better for himself.

We got word last night that my favorite aunt has breast cancer. She's being asked to make enormous treatment decisions based on teeny, tiny bits of information.

So many of us spend our lives chasing wealth, beauty, love, knowledge. And even those who seem to have everything never have enough.

Whatever the holes in our souls, nothing we can earn, learn, grab, or buy will fill them. I am reminded that the only thing that works is to sit still and remember who we are. So simple, but so difficult.

Life's just one mystery after another.


Stacy said...

Seems to be going around lately, like a flu.
All the unhappy people and frustrating events and friends and loved ones with deadly dis-eases.
Sometimes I just want to get off the bus before my stop and take a new way home. Don't you?

riversgrace said...

So true. The big lie is that we'll escape suffering, or that we can somehow acquire enough, strategize to avoid it. The question really is: how shall I be with this suffering?

Lots of love, J.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Jennifer will tell you this is because Venus is in retrograde for the next two months, and has us all on our ear! I'm watching so many around me fall apart, too. It's hard to stay centered when the pulls are so great, isn't it?

Wanting to know/read much more about Evan. My thoughts are with you both. I've always loved that name, and thought about naming Wil that, my middle name is (was) Evans. Hmmm... interconnectedness, and all that.


Go Mama said...

Yes, "remember who we are"...amidst the constant unpeeling and redefining of self.

Sorry to hear about your aunt and Evan. Peace and love to you all....

Amber said...

Remember who we are...Divine sparks of being. Yes. How huge it is to remember who we are.

I will pray for your auntie tonight, and for Evan.


Anonymous said...

So wise, so true, be still and remember who we are. A very good reminder for all.

Sorry to hear about your Aunt and Evan. Pray, breathe, be still and remember who we are.

Your family will be in my prayers tonight. Take care.

Mystic Wing said...

Sounds like a hard, sobering day. One of those that challenges our ability to keep the faith

Talk to you very soon.

Kim said...

I'm sorry for Evan's struggles and for all of the souls in turmoil right now.

"Sit still and remember who we are." This is a theme that I am so grateful for right now. Michelle O'Neil said something similar on her blog.

Thank you. And I'm sending good thoughts your way.

kario said...

Funny, I was just talking to my girls about Buddha's four noble truths. 1. Life means suffering.

2. The origin of suffering is attachment.

3. The cessation of suffering is attainable.

4. The path to the cessation of suffering.

What a simple, basic, difficult thing to remember. Instead of curling ourselves around our pain, open up as wide as we can and feel it and acknowledge it and let it go. Thanks for the reminder, Jerri!


holly said...

"Whatever the holes in our souls, nothing we can earn, learn, grab, or buy will fill them. I am reminded that the only thing that works is to sit still and remember who we are. So simple, but so difficult." - the gorgeous truth told straight up!

lots and lots of love to you!