Saturday, June 09, 2007


Writing this post from my brand-new, 13 inch, white MacBook--the first words I've typed on it.

While I love this new laptop, I'm still mourning the old one--just a bit--a much beloved aluminum 12-inch MacBook with attitude. As many of you will recall, I smelled The Counselors's cologne at a restaurant last week and dropped my laptop on a tile floor, mangling its case and, as it turns out, the power port. When I tried to plug it in yesterday it buzzed ferociously, clearly a sign of impending laptop doom.

Anyway, here I am with a new computer in my lap. Kind of like turning a page, I think.

Stay tuned for further developments. So far, I love this little gem. Its keyboard is comfortable and its screen, which is an inch bigger than the old one, easy to see. Maybe it will inspire me to be braver and bolder. I hope so. I'm really working on that bravery thing.

much love to all.


Mystic Wing said...

I think Counselor owes you something for causing the death of silver powerbook, don't you think?

And I'd charge him interest, if I were you.

Happy typing, sis.

Deb said...

This is truly a special relationship that we have with our partners in writing.

I think you're really brave already, and I love you back!

kario said...

You are one of the most boldly courageous women I know, my dear. Something must be working ;-).

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Happy new computer! New computer, new times, brave times!

Jess said...

Congratulations on the new laptop! How exciting! Yes, a new phase of writing. We can always be a little braver. :)

Stacy said...

I am sooo happy for you! Congratulations. Here's a bravery chant from Louis A. Teisch: "I build my house on the heads of my enemies."
Creepy I know but it does make you feel like a warrior princess. (As if you had any enemies)

Kim said...

So exciting! Congratulations on your companion in all of your literary adventures!