Thursday, June 14, 2007

Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs

While sitting down to meditate yesterday, I noticed a feather floating at the edge of the pond. It looked mighty similar to the two feathers on my meditation altar, the ones Jennifer gave me at the workshops. I thought about going out to pick it up, but let that thought go and got on with my meditation.

This was the first feather I've seen on the pond or on the banks in the two years I've lived here. It's always seemed strange that, with dozens of geese around all the time, there are no feathers lying about.

This morning, as I was lighting my meditation candle, I wondered what had happened to the feather, wondered whether it was—by some really strange chance—still out there on the pond. It didn't seem likely, but I checked.

I found not one but two feathers floating in almost the exact same place the feather had been yesterday. One is floating along, held up by the other. Reminds me of the circle and the way we hold and suport one another.

Bidden or unbidden, God is present.


kario said...

GOOSEBUMPS! Love this, Jerri. No coincidence that there's another workshop this weekend, is it?

Thinking of you. Loving you.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Sweet Jerri.

Stacy said...


Carrie Wilson Link said...


Anonymous said...

No coincidences, lovely and pure.

Amber said...


holly said...

love it, the workshop flying home to you. missed you in sisters, my friend.