Thursday, June 21, 2007

Making the World Your Home

Katie got here last night and it's wonderful to have her sleeping in the next room as I write.

At dinner I told her about Jess and her journey and about Holly's travels with the Dead. We talked about how travel opens your mind and lets you see not just places and people, but new ways of being in the world. I think I've got her convinced to do a semester abroad next year.

We spent the evening researching programs. She's most interested in Australia and London, but I might get her to be a little more adventurous than that after she gets used to the general idea. Katie's a girl who likes to have a plan, likes to know exactly what's in front of her. She's organized and thorough; she plans ahead; she makes more than a list, it's more like a grid. God alone knows where she got these tendencies.

Her first comment about every single program we checked into was about the cost. I kept telling her not to worry about that yet, kept explaining that finding ways to pay for it was my job, not hers, but she persisted. We had a wonderful time, laughing and looking at pictures and imagining her adventures.

After overhearing a conversation between my nieces the other day, I called K to ask her whether she had thought I wanted to be a mom as she was growing up. Her answer: "D'oh. It was only what you were born to do."

She was mostly right. Being a mom, her mom and Evan's—was one of the things I was born to do. More find me all the time.


holly said...

Yes, good job Mama! Go Katie Go. I learned more in one semester abroad than I did in the other four+ years of college combined!

kario said...

Good for you for being open to them, my dear. Your fearlessness as a mother encouraging her to spread her wings is inspiring.

Love you.

Stacy said...

It is bitter sweet when they do that with the money thing isn't it? I remember when my Avi was in 7th grade he was invited to go with the school band to play his saxophone at Epcot. The trip was to cost each student 450.00. He told the teacher he didn't feel like going and I found out about it at the last minute. "You don't want to go?" i asked
No, it's too expensive, we don't have that kind of money.

Thats a silver stake isn't it?

Jess said...

She's very lucky to have you, and you are lucky that she can express her love so well. I'm honored to have been any part of the conversation. And sorry I am missing meeting her by such a short time!

Traveling is absolutely the way to go. :)