Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jess in KC

Jess is HERE!!!

She arrived a couple of hours ago and we've been talking non-stop. Now we're having a snack and playing with our computers. Updates soon.


grammer said...

Pictures, people -- pictures!
(have fun, you two!)

Jess said...

Jerri won't let me take pictures. But maybe tomorrow after I go to the salon and get a haircut. Don't you worry.

The pond is SO lovely, the house is so sweet, the leftover Shiraz from Sisters tastes so good.

I'm never leaving.


holly said...

:) love that you guys are hagning out! yes! pictures!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Have fun you two!

Deb said...

PICTURES, PLEASE!!!!!! So glad the two of you are getting to play, but you do need to share with us.

Jess said...

OK! A few pictures have been posted on my blog. Hopefully more to come.

kario said...

Have a ball, you two. So glad that you're together in that peaceful place.


riversgrace said...

I was going to demand photos! I see that you're working on it. How totally exciting. I'm so happy that you all are together. Stories....must tell us stories. Love.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Yea for you, yea for us! Happy, happy!