Monday, June 18, 2007

Racing Time

My mother and i made a quilt this weekend. To be accurate, we pieced the top. We'll turn it into an actual quilt over the next few days. We're making it as a birthday gift for my niece.

Over the last three days, Mom's been as happy as it's possible for a 73-year-old woman with assorted health problems and tired eyes to be. She has bounced out of bed and hit the ground running. I know this because I stayed at Mom and Dad's house Friday and Saturday nights. (We worked so late I was too tired to drive 4 miles home.)

Yesterday afternoon Mom and I were making salads to take to a Father's Day feast at my sister's house when she sighed deeply, and said, "I must be about to die."

My neck actually snapped as I whirled around to confront her. "Why would you say such a thing?"

"Thing are so good right now," she said, "and no one gets to be this happy for long."

She's wrong, but I'm racing time to demonstrate that.

As difficult as it has been in some ways, the move here to MO has been truly successful. The time is going to come—a long time from now, I hope—when I am even more thankful to have spent this time with my folks. I will never, ever forget the day Mom thought she was too happy to live.


mamatulip said...

This makes my heart hurt with happiness. How lovely that you shared that moment with her.

Mystic Wing said...

What an odd little episode. One to file away for The Book, for sure.

kario said...

What a great way for her to express her happiness to you. She certainly got your attention, didn't she? She must feel awfully blessed to have this time with you, and I'm guessing the quilt will show it. Your niece is a very lucky girl to be getting something made with such love by two wise women.

Anonymous said...

WOW, that is so powerful and amazing. You are so lucky and blessed (as I know you know) to be able to spend time with both of your parents. To have your mother say that she is just so happy, that something bad has to happen is so bittersweet. She must be feeling so much love in her heart for you and her family that when it fills her up it overwhelms her, but in a good way. That is true, deep and unconditional love. How very lucky and blessed you are. I bet the quilt will be beautiful and your niece is indeed lucky to be getting something made with such a strong love connection. This really was a beautiful post. XOXO

Stacy said...

This reminds me of the Jerry Garcia band singing "Run for The Roses"- the line:"don't want to live but too chicken to die"-sort of:)

grammer said...

Your posts are always so rich, Jerri. "My neck snapped..." ~ I can see that. And having just come from another JL workshop, I appreciate seeing some physicality in the writing!!

Hope you are well ~ xo t

Amber said...

This whole post just makes me happy. What a WONDERFUL gift to give! Priceless.
And how sweet that she gets to be so happy, and knows it. We should all be so lucky. ;)