Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

This month starts my second year of Meatloaf Mondays. After a long weekend of work and home projects, I hit Sunday night with tired feet and a heavy heart. It's a cookie month (we alternate between cookies and cake for dessert at the shelter), and I wanted to make heart cookies for the kids for Valentine's Day. That meant cutting out and decorating at least 7 dozen cookies.

At 11pm, that sounded nuts, but I got a running start at it--4 dozen baked before bed. At 6am Monday, I baked the rest of the cookies and started frosting and decorating. Pink icing. Red sprinkles. Multi-colored sprinkles. Bright pink sprinkles. Pastel non-pareils. My entire kitchen was covered in sugar and sprinkles. By 9am, the cookies were ready to box up and I was more than ready for a shower.

At the church where we cook, the children's room was dressed for a party. "Oh, let's see," someone said. "We knew we could count on you to make something special for the kids." The craziness of the late-night and early-morning cookie baking melted like chocolate in a pocket.

One of the other volunteers brought a goodie bag for each child--beautiful red bags filled with chocolate hearts. Someone arrived with two dozen cans of applesauce, which the children consider a huge treat. Another volunteer sat in a corner, finishing a special project.

Last night, 400 adults and 75 children received a hot meal. Each child got a heart-shaped cookie, a bag of chocolates, and a pencil decorated with hearts, wrapped in a heart-shaped note.

Many of these children endure heart-breaking situations, but on at least this one night, they are warm and full and satisfied. They carry out a message: You are loved. Who knows what stories they might write with those pencils of love.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Love me some pencils of love!

Steph said...

This made me cry. How nice to help so many in need. <3

Amber said...


(they might really develop a way with words, and a lesson in love that keeps with them...Trust me.)


luckyzmom said...

Love you:)

kario said...

This rocks!

Go Mama said...

You Are Amazing.
So much LOVE abounds indeed.

fullsoulahead.com said...

Just as you helped take care of those little kiddos, the Universe will take care of your grandbaby. It isn't all on Evan, and it isn't all on the mother and it isn't all on you.

God is holding all of you.