Saturday, February 06, 2010

Designing Woman

When the kids were little, people stopped me on the street to ask where I got their clothes. 95% of them came straight out of my sewing room. Today, as I worked on a design for a little gown, I decided to photograph the process for this and several other projects and turn the designs into a book proposal.

Sewing no longer is less expensive than buying clothes--in many cases it's quite a bit more expensive. Still, it's an art that shouldn't die, one that might appeal to young women with an interest in the past and an eye for the future. Plus, clothing manufacturers have to be paying slave wages when they sell little sleepers for less than $10.

Publishing isn't what it used to be, so it would be an uphill sled. But anything is possible.


Go Mama said...

There you go J, spinning heartache into gold.
Wishing you much love. And opportunity.

luckyzmom said...

Yes, I too sewed for myself, my family and even got paid for sewing for others. I can't remember the last time I constructed a garment, though. It's been so long. Mending, altering, curtains, pillows, upholstering are all I do anymore. I hope you're able to reach a pinnacle, pulling your sled:)

Amber said...

When I was in college, I use dto babysit for this family. The mom would sew these AMAZING little dresses, with matching hats and bloomers for little girl, Anna...It was so, so cool to me! I went out and got a brand new Singer-- that I have never used. LOL I still have it, in a box.I won't let it go, because I just love the idea to much. :)

I BET Georgie will use it before I do. I know she will love it.

:) said...

I would LOVE to see pics of your creations!!!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Ditto Michelle!