Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The View from Under the Jeep

Yesterday was one of those days when the weather doesn't know whether. At various times, we had rain, snow, sleet, and freezing rain.

The day started with a conversation about the turtle and the fence post—whether things that happen are messages from God. A friend interpreted an event as God saying, "I want you to believe I have heard your prayers." I wasn't sure.

Mom and I both needed to run some errands, so we braved it together. Our second stop was Bed Bath & Beyond for a Magic Bullet, a blender sort of thing Katie wants. As I was paying, a woman produced a $5 coupon and offered it to me, then exclaimed, "Oh! Wait! I have a better one. Here's one for 20% off!" The unexpected kindness brought tears to my eyes.

We moved on to Costco, where I dropped Mom off at the door and went to park the Jeep. A spot near the front door was open, but I let an older gentleman take it and ended up parked at the back of the lot, next to a traffic island surrounded by snow banks. When I went back to get the car later, the precipitation had turned to a hard rain. I slipped on the snow bank, fell like a sack of wet cement, and ended up UNDER the Jeep. When I crawled out and up, I slid back again, over and over. Eventually, I laid under the Jeep in a puddle of freezing water and laughed til I could barely breathe. Finally, I managed to pull myself up the icy lump and scramble to my feet. Miraculously, nothing was damaged but my dignity. (I've got some mighty impressive bruises, though.)

Next, I dropped Mom off in front of the grocery store. Unbelievably, the first thing I saw when I got in the door was the elderly gentleman from the Costco parking lot. He recognized me, said hello, leaned heavily on his cane and walked away.

When we got home, it took 30 minutes to carry in all the groceries and packages. Wet and cold, I sat down near the fireplace to check email. The first one was a contract request for a terrific freelance writing assignment, one I'd almost given up on.

The question is whether events are signs from God or simply natural events we interpret as signs. Turns out, it's not an either/or question. The answer is Yes. Whether we recognize it or not, all creation is God saying, "I want you to believe I hear your prayers."

Merry Christmas to all.


Doubting Thomas said...

The truth is in the interpretation, I think.

The fact that we believe that events suggest God's presence is an entirely valid proof.

The older I get, the more I'm convinced that a) God is a state of mind; and b) God indeed exists.

Merry Christmas. Can't wait to hear how the holiday went.

kario said...

Nothin' to do but laugh.

Seems the ripples in this pond just keep widening.

Deb said...

Lovely story. So glad you're okay. So glad for the contract. So glad you are you. Love to you.

luckyzmom said...

.....a deep intake of breath, a clenching in my throat and tears forming at the corners of my eyes as I read that last sentence.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...........

Cheryl said...

You saved the old man from falling and sliding underneath his "jeep." Bless you.

Stacy said...

The sliding under the Jeep, I am laughing with you And at you, I can't help it. Happy days-and love

Amber said...

Beautiful ending words.:)

I woudl have peed my pants, while laying there under that jeep! lol! and then it would have become a frozen pee diaper.