Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Making Memories

14 or 15 years ago, I volunteered to bring a group of Katie's class to our house for a holiday activity. The kids were seven or eight years old, and I think we had six or eight in our group. We baked stained glass cookies—sugar cookies with colored cutouts made from crushed Lifesavers. We had a great time—lots of laughter and silliness, especially with a little boy Katie had a crush on who'd never baked cookies before.

Katie called yesterday to ask for the recipe. I'd all but forgotten about them. Truthfully, the cookies looked better than they tasted and we never made them again. Still, she remembers the cookies fondly and wants to make them for friends.

Every day brings opportunities to make lasting memories. Do something today you'll smile about 15 years from now. (Something involving cookies and kids always works.)


kario said...

Preferably with someone younger who will remember 15 years from now! Most days I have difficulty remembering what I did 15 minutes ago.

What a lovely memory.

Jerri said...

I'm with you on the 15 minutes ago thing, Kari. But 15 years ago is clear as day.

Should that scare me?

Jess said...

Hmm, not sure how old kids have to be to actually participate in baking cookies. But we'll get right on that here.

luckyzmom said...

Thanks for refreshing a lovely memory. My kids were very small when they started to help decorate (delicious) sugar cookies in the shape of Santas, snowmen, angels, stars and trees, which I continue to cut out of the dough with red plastic avon cutters. Their tiny little fingers usually started out putting on redhots for tree decorations and noses; raisin for buttons and eyes and and such. As they gained dexterity and experience they graduated to colored sugar, icing and dough. The time came when they felt too old for participating in such nonsense. They have yet to stop participating in the eating of the results, though!

Amber said...

Thanks for this. :)

Those really are lovely. Do you met the candy and pour it in?