Saturday, December 13, 2008


Now I've heard it all. Did you know it's possible to perm your eyelashes? Well, it is. And I don't mean to insult anyone who does this, but WTF?

Whiling away some sleepless hours during my snake freakout the other night, I wandered through some of the Reuters best photos for the year. The living conditions of much of the world are stunning, even to someone who has traveled a bit and studied the world a lot. Those of us who live with clean running water should give thanks every day for this enormous grace. Don't EVEN get me started on heating and cooling. And toilets.

Dear God: thank you for the toilets in my home. One person doesn't need three toilets, but I thank you for them.

Millions of children without places to wash their faces and we're out perming our eyelashes.

I owned a salon and day spa for more than four years. I know how much our appearance impacts our spirits. I believe in the healing powers of manicures and pedicures, even if I don't practice them much. (I'd post a picture of my toes right now, but I'm just not that brave.) But guys---there's a line between self care and narcissism, and I'm drawing it at my stick-straight eyelashes.

And yes, I do realize everyone else is free to draw their own lines wherever they want. Or not to have lines at all. Whatever. I'd rant a little more but I've got to pluck the hairs off my chin before I go get my eyebrows threaded.

Et tu, Brutus?


Michelle O'Neil said...

Sounds life a good way to blind yourself! One mistake would be all it took!

And yes. Thank God for toilets. Public sanitation. Running water. We are so very blessed.

luckyzmom said...

A couple of days ago, while turning off the water to our aprinkler system, we sprung a leak and wasn't able to reach anyone to fix it. So, we had to shut off all the water to the house. We had the ability to get in our car and drive a couple of miles to a restuarant witn toilets to use and water to drink. However, neither of us wanted to be seen in public without taking a shower. So, we put more effort into solving the problem and managed to temporarily do so. I did think about how lucky we are to have such a problem. My husband says it would take less than the billions given to the banks in the bailout to eliminate world hunger. Sad.

Deb said...

I'm so with you an the plucking chin hairs, but what's eyebrow threading?

Two people don't need three bathrooms, either, but I'm so grateful for all of them. Growing up in a house with six people and one bathroom with no lock - I love the freedom of what I have now.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I just love that you sold the spa.