Thursday, September 18, 2008

Taking Flight

Life has been whispering to me lately. It's been telling me to get out of my house and find a circle of smart, creative women here in KC. It's been telling me to get reconnected with nature. With magic. With myself.

Yesterday I had the sudden urge to visit Kelly Rae Roberts' blog. Kelly is an artist and a writer whose work I love. Turns out, she has a new book out. And of course, it's exactly what I needed to read right now: Taking Flight: Inspiration and Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings

I hopped straight over to B&N. Snagged my copy five minutes before the store closed. It's gorgeous. And so inspiring. Until 2006 or so, Kelly couldn't even imagine herself as an artist. A social worker, she longed for something else. Then she ran a half-marathon, something she never imagined being able to do. Later she attended Artfest, an art workshop, and decided to listen to her soul's desires. Now she sells her art, has a licensing agreement for her work, and has a new book out.

I'll have what she's having.

Stayed up half the night reading and imagining and weaving the beginnings of new dreams. Do yourself a favor. Follow the links above and check out Kelly's work.


Go Mama said...

Of course, J Makes perfect sense. You've been exploring art and beauty and re-purposed materials while yearning for a different kind of writing. You can do it. You're already on the path. Use your magic to empower it. Let it come to life.

Go Mama said...

I just had to come back here and say, thank you! Kelly Rae's link and story is incredibly inspired. Proof of what is possible if you follow those inner inklings, face down your fears, and move forward anyway.

If you go to her "news" link, you can actually see her building her trail, step by step, and how quickly the universe comes in to support what she is doing. Proof positive. So inspiring. Thanks for finding her Jerri.

Michelle O'Neil said...

You DO have what she's having.


kario said...

Ooh, I'm tingling. So happy for you! Keep on keepin' on!

Amber said...

Follow that.
...and drop some crumbs for others to find.