Thursday, September 11, 2008


Rescued my laptop from my friendly neighborhood Mac Genius just before the store closed last night. Losing it for more than a week showed me just how serious my connection to it is. Maybe a little too serious.

Anyway, while I was disconnected you were spared a rant about the chilling chants of "Drill Baby Drill" during Palin's convention speech and another about how appalling the campaign is getting. I'm trying to let go of how much I resent the way McCain's using Palin's femaleness to fight dirty, but we'll see how it goes. Discussion of lipstick and pigs could ensue.

Had another of my you-should-write-this-story dreams last night, the physical sensations in this one so real they begged description. More on that later if I get time.

In the feast-or-famine tradition of freelance writing, I'm snowed under with projects at the moment. Very thankful, but also very pressed, stressed, and tired.

More soon. For now, hello world! Glad to see your bright, shiny pixels again. I'll be around to comment soon. Missed you all something fierce.

Oh, and how about a hand for Apple!! My MacBook experienced a repeat of a "known problem." It's now out of warranty by about 6 weeks, but the original incident happened when it was only 3 months old. Apple replaced the exhaust fans and the logic board at No Charge. Out of warranty, the repair cost me zero dollars. Zero. Dollars. And a customer service rep pledged that if the problem reappears, they'll replace the computer. I don't love having the problem, but I sure do love Apple's response to it.

Apple Rocks!


Go Mama said...

Welcome home, Jerri!

And yeah, I Heart Apple!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I heart Apple, too! Once you go Mac, you won't go back!

I missed you!

Amber said...

Yay Apple! I hope Dell will treat me as well. My fan is also out, and the plug won't work-- again. i alreaady sent it in to be fixed at a cost of $220, for labor and parts, and that was just a few months ago! Now I can't turn it on, because the plug won't work and the battery is dead...ALL my pictures are on it. *sigh*

Maybe I should mention to them how well I heard Apple treated you...


riversgrace said...

Glad to have you back, J.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Nothing beats good service. Welcome back Jerri. You've been missed!

Jess said...

I love Apple, too. I almost had a serious laptop issue last week, they said they might have to keep my computer for 3-7 business days, I was all freaked, and then the service guy at the store managed to fix it right there for free. :)