Sunday, September 28, 2008


I'm at it again. Reading, I mean. This time it's Hillary Carlip's Queen of the Oddballs.

Hilarious. Inspiring. Writing lessons in every chapter. The one called "Dear Olivia Newton John" races through stories at a breakneck pace and circles back to an ending so perfect I'm thinking of having it bronzed. Or maybe stuffed and mounted like a trophy.

(Speaking of mounted, don't get me started on Hillary's mother's poodle and the fuzzy house slipper.)

My true mission this weekend is proofreading a 557-page monster book, and I have to get back to it. Right now. But I'll be back with thoughts on Queen of the Oddballs. Meantime, if you've got a few moments, check out the book or Hillary's personal essay site, Fresh Yarn.

(And yes. Reading for fun after 18 hours a day of proofreading is a little nuts, but Oddballs whispered my name and I followed its slutty little pages right into bed. More soon.)


Michelle O'Neil said...

Your eyeballs Jerri. They are troopers.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Cannot wait for mine to arrive!

P.S. Totally get reading for pleasure, as a reward for reading for "work!"

Deb said...

There is nothing nuts about spending time with anything that makes you laugh!