Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tiny Little Man

I'm not very concerned about John Edwards. He's proven himself to be quite small. A tiny little man, really. One who screwed his wife and kids, a woman-not-his-wife, his political party, and the nation. One who locked himself in a public toilet when Karma made him its bitch. Pffft.

My heart is with Elizabeth*. If what John said on Nightline is true, he told her the affair happened and claimed it was over. Then he told her the Other Woman was pregnant, but still claimed it was over. Then he told her the Enquirer caught him coming out of the OW's hotel room at 3:00 in the morning and still claimed it was over

When you're lied to like this, it feels like the earth beneath your feet has become a bowl full of Santa's belly jelly, like you're walking on a giant red Jello Jiggler. It slips and shakes...bounces and rebounds...quivers. You think you've found your balance at the low point, then the damn thing flops again and you're back on your knees in thick, sticky goo. 

Elizabeth deserves so much more from her husband, from the man whose dreams she worked for and supported in sickness and in health, for better and for worse. 

Apparently, Elizabeth is not going to get what she deserves. I hope John does. In this life and several more.

*What's that you say? Well, yes. I AM projecting. Astute of you to notice.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

: )

Go Mama said...

Actually, Elizabeth is more likely getting exactly what she deserves...a chance to really "see" what she's clung to for so long and the opportunity to make the choice to choose better for herself. I hope she takes that ball and runs free and clear with it. No accidents. I'm the one projecting....

Doubting Thomas said...

You had to wonder about JOhn Edwards..what kind of man runs for president when his wife is struggling with a fatal illness?

Now we know what kind of man.

On an interview yesterday, Edwards seemed surprised when the host suggested that his political career is now over.

I'm just thankful that Obama hadn't selected him for the VP spot.

kario said...

So, Jerri, tell us how you really feel...;-).

Nothing wrong with projecting a little now and then.


Amber said...
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Amber said...

Amen. Not only that, but I think about the BALLS on him to continue to run-- KNOWING this would come out. How could he not think it would come out in todays media world?? And what if he had made it? Then he was willing to put our country through yet another sex scandel-- with all the other serious shit we have on our plate!? And the dem party? AGAIN??What a fucknut. AND, he did run, which did effect Hillary. He gave her more to deal with, which pisses me off as a woman. Not that he was thinking about her at all, I know, but still. It is ironic to me that a-- no, what could have been THE-- historic moment for women could have been perhaps more successful, if not for a man being selfish. And a horn-dog bastard, at that. Hmmm...

What a selfish, selfish man. And the whole "you can't beat me up more than I have already beat up myself" CRAP. WHAT a manipulation. Pooooooor John. He feels bad. Awww.


Suzy said...

When are these politicians,evangelists, etc. who hold themselves up to be such moral icons and "family men", ever gonna learn that their bullshit will not be tolerated?