Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I decided on an adventure. A cousin, rather distant but beloved, is racing in the National Chuckwagon Races held this weekend in Clinton, Arkansas. He's the 7 time national champion, big mule division. Seriously. So on Thursday I'm going to pack up my little car and head to Arkansas to watch him race. There will be music, rodeos, something called a "Snowy River Race," and who knows what else.

Heber Springs, the town where I'm going to stay, is 40 miles away. Google advises me the drive will take an hour and a half. Knowing the roads in that part of the world, I believe it. My mom's brother lives in town, so I'll go see him and his daughters, maybe even his ex-wife, who remains my aunt in my heart if not on paper.

It's a good time for an adventure, a good time to hear old family stories and make new ones. I'm taking a still camera, a video camera, and a digital voice recorder. Stay tuned.


mamatulip said...

I can't wait to hear about this adventure.

Doubting Thomsa said...

Ah, we're all waiting to hear the tales. Let 'er roll.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Big mule division? I can't wait to hear more!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Never a dull moment Jerri. Never a dull moment!

I hope you pat an ass or two.