Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stress Relief

I cried yesterday. A. Lot.

Pulling some writing samples this morning, I noticed a little curriculum piece I did about tears. Did you know that the chemical make-up of reflex tears (the kind that form when your eyes are irritated by fumes or foreign matter) is different from the chemical make-up of emotional tears (the kind that form when you're sad or lonely or frustrated or ...)?

Yep. Emotional tears contain water and salt and stuff PLUS a boatload of proteins created by stress. 

I've decided to look at yesterday's snotfest as merely the removal of excess protein. Yeah. That's the ticket. I wasn't being a baby. I was removing harmful toxins from my body. It is a temple, you know.

ps: Actually, I was being a baby but I'm fine now. 


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Glad you've been cleansed!

Stacy said...

Crying is like a bath from the inside out, I am still dirty (see my post, been crying for days)

Michelle O'Neil said...

A girl just needs to do it every now and then.

Here, love....have a tissue.

holly said...

So cool, I never new that. Wow our bodies sure know how to do it!

Deb said...

We need to nurture that baby part of ourselves - often and carefully. So glad yours is alive and well.

Go Mama said...

Sometimes a good cry is exactly what you need. Cleanse and release.

Anonymous said...

A wise choice, to be sure.

As they say, "this, too."

Helps enormously to simply accept what is...even tears.

Amber said...


...Too bad we can't cry fat. That would make a lot of feel even better.