Monday, October 29, 2007


I did it, people. I finished the food essay and submitted it. (Deep cleansing breath)

Even after I had everything together, the files proofread for the thousandth time, my bio updated and all, I sat staring at the screen for five minutes before I hit send.

Here's the thing: the fate of the world does not depend on whether they like this piece or publish it. If they don't, it will become one of the Nos I have to go through to get to Yes. It will be the first of the rejections my friend Tom suggests I use to paper my walls.

When I wrote about finding the middle of the piece the other day, I didn't mean to imply it was fabulous. What I was trying to say—and what I'm celebrating now—is that I pushed through the middle, the part where I usually get stalled. I relaxed and let myself write some bad crap until what I wanted to say found me.

I finished. I submitted. My piece is now out there on the elementary school playground in its pajamas. With no panties underneath. And a crucial button missing. It's scary, but it's the only way to get my "real" writing out into the world.

Stay tuned. I may get the hang of this finishing thing yet.


Jess said...

Shoot, there is so much to catch up on here. I need more time! But congrats on finishing!! I love reading about your writing process, and I am absolutely with you as far as the finishing block, well, except that I know you have finished a very great many more things than I have. You are an inspiration. I am going to submit something...

So glad to hear there was an apology, however short. That's huge.

Big love (which I first typed as "bi glove", not the same thing).

Amber said...

Crossing fingers for you! I know it will be good news.


Deb said...

You might not be willing to imply fabulous, but I know your writing is fabulous. Just like you.

So proud of you for finishing. That's an inspiration I can hang my hat on.

Much love.

Go Mama said...

Thanks for sharing your writing process. No matter what you're writing about, you always draw me in. Hope we'll get to read the piece too.

congrats on finishing it...sometimes that IS the biggest victory, isn't it!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

"My piece is now out there on the elementary school playground in its pajamas. With no panties underneath. And a crucial button missing."

Love this description!


Michelle O'Neil said...

You didn't mean to imply that it was fabulous?

Why the hell not?

riversgrace said...

You are a rock star in my book. Period.

Love your whole process.

I'll add my juju to everyone else's good wishes....

Suzy said...

Loved the "no panties".

Love you!


holly said...


Way to go, Jerri!

Love it!