Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dreams Again

9:57 am when I woke from this dream. (I sleep late so rarely that I found another clock to check, just to be sure.)

In a house that belonged to me, one I loved. The walls were pale gray and the rooms large but they felt terribly dark. Walking through the rooms, thinking about how I didn't like the house as much as I had thought, I was surprised at how dark it was. Eventually I realized the windows, which were large, had been covered with blinds and drapes of different sorts.

While I was wondering how this had happened, Evan came in. He told me his Dad had put up the window coverings. AND he told me that was wrong, his dad had no right to cover my windows. While he was talking, I was trying and trying to pull up the wooden matchstick blinds covering the main pair of windows, but couldn't keep them in place. I'd pull them up and try to secure the cords, but the blinds rolled down as I messed with the cords.

Evan told me repeatedly that I needed to tell Bill that this was MY house and he couldn't change things without asking. I thought, "That's right. This IS my house. No one has the right to elminate the light in here."

Doesn't take a Mac Genius to analyze this one.


Mystic Wing said...

As a strange, wonderful little woman once told us, dream messages announce changes that have already occurred in us.

You've turned a corner. No one can pull the shades on you.

Suzy said...

They're only memories. They can't hurt you now. You bring the light.


Deb said...

Powerful! Have you thought about trying the Part of Me thing that Carrie talked about a few posts ago? We did it in Sisters and it is profoundly revealing. Even with a pretty obvious dream. Sending lots of light your way to shine through your remarkable windows.

Deb said...

P.S. I love your new picture, but would love to know the story behind the change. I also loved getting to see your beautiful face every day.

Suzy said...

I miss your beautiful smiling face also....